BSA 14000 HP

The high performance pump for which there are almost no limits. Equipped with piston pump 2100 x 200 mm, Output up to 102 m³/h, pressure up to 220 bar (theor. max.)

BSA 1409 D GFK

The new generation BSA 1409 D in new design with modern plastic cover. Under it a powerful 140 kW 6-cyl. Deutz Diesel engines fires the concrete pump with a stroke of 1400 mm and a maximum output of 94 m³/h, delivery pressure 106 bar.

BSA 2110 HP D

The world-record setting long stroke concrete pump with high performance For virtually all high-rise projects the ideal machine.

  • With this machine you are on the safe side. Pressure and output is guaranteed for almost all applications
  • Output up tp 102 m³/h at 150 bar or 70 m³/h at 220 bar
  • Powerful 330 kW 6-cyl. Deutz Diesel engine – TIER3 certified)
  • External gate valve connection standard
  • Can be used under extreme tropical conditions thanks to optimum air flow with pressure ventilation
  • Easy change of hydraulic hoses from rod side (max. output) to head side (max. pressure) operation (SBU)
  • High-quality wear resistant components for long service-life
  • Reduced noise emission with closed doors. Emission values certified for USA and European standards
  • Good accessibility for changing pistons