Stationary placing booms

The main advantages of the MX type series:

  • Easy to transport and set up
  • Short set-up times
  • Secure handling
  • Grows upwards with the structure
  • Small space requirement
  • with or without counter-weight (depending on application)

MX placing booms with counterweight are the ideal solution for climbing formwork in particular. They are well balanced and so minimise the pump torque acting on the climbing formwork. The boom with counter-weight has even proved that it is capable of operating extremely well at great freestanding heights.

Features of The Large Booms

The new generation BSA 1409 D in new design with modern plastic cover. Under it a powerful 140 kW 6-cyl. Deutz Diesel engines fires the concrete pump with a stroke of 1400 mm and a maximum output of 94 m³/h, delivery pressure 106 bar.

  • Refined kinematics with large angular range of boom joints
  • quick-lock connection usingbolts to reduce weight when assembling and dismantling on the crane tower
  • low individual weights and crane weights
  • Lattice tower size varies depending on the placing boom used
  • Adapter between the lattice tower and the boom so that it can be adapted to any lattice tower type
  • Slewing gear turns in the wind when not in operating (from MX 42)
  • Integrated hydraulic power pack with hydraulic fluid reservoir
  • Platforms with guard rails allow secure access to the coupling joints
  • Radio remote control
  • Dimensions designed for transport in a 40 ft container