Stationary Batching Plants, type Betomix

The horizontal concrete plants of the Betomix range have been conceived around a modular design. With ejector outputs of up to 260 m³ (340 yd³) hardened concrete per hour, the correct performance class is available for every requirement.

Inline silos (bins), star silos (bins) or round silos (bins) are optionally available for the storage of aggregates – depending on the circumstances of local space available and the quantities to be stored.

Mobile Plant, type Mobilemix

The Mobilmix 2.25 offers a new concept of mobile mixing plants and is comparable with the standard stationary mixing plants.

The entire plant is moved in only a few transportable units. The basic machine with control container is mounted on a steel frame which also forms the foundation.

Mobile Plant, type Compactmix

The Compactmix is a small mixing plant of the most up-to-date design: simple, robust, equally suitable for transport concrete, and factories for concrete goods and prefabricated parts.

Mobile Plant, type Easymix

The Easymix is a flexible and compact solution for the production of concrete on the construction site . The plant is designed as a ISO-Container-Unit which doesn’t need a lot of space and also saves transport costs.

Recycling Plants, 3 types available: LRS, LRT, and LWA

The Liebherr mixing technology recycling plants are designed either as trough or screw systems and are put into operation everywhere where quantities of residual concrete, mortar or screed must be produced in an environmentally-friendly way.

In a closed material circuit, the constituents of the produced material are washed out and the process water re-supplied for production.