The Liebherr family business was established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. The great success of his first mobile, easy-to-assemble and affordable tower crane was the foundation on which the company flourished. Today Liebherr is not only one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction machinery but is also an acknowledged supplier of technically innovative user-oriented products and services in numerous other fields. Over the years the family business has grown into what is today a group of companies, employing a workforce of approx. 24,000 in more than 100 companies on all continents.

The decentrally organized Liebherr Group is divided into company units of manageable size, operating independently. This is to ensure proximity to the customer and the ability to respond flexibly to market signals in global competition. Operative management of the production and sales companies for the individual product segments is in the hands of divisional control companies. The Liebherr Group’s holding company is Liebherr-International AG in Bulle, Switzerland, which is entirely owned by members of the Liebherr family. The family business is already in the hands of the second generation and is jointly managed by Isolde Liebherr and Willi Liebherr.


Liebherr’s crane programme is unsurpassed in terms of versatility. It comprises machines of all systems and size categories, with the ideal lifting technology for any civil engineering task.

The highly adaptable fast-erecting cranes and the efficient top-slewing cranes have proved their worth both in the construction of residential buildings and on large-scale industrial projects all over the world.

  • Conventional Tower Cranes type EC-H and HC
  • Luffing Jib Cranes type HC-L
  • Flat-top Cranes, type EC-B
  • Self-erecting cranes, type H, K and HM
  • Derrick Cranes, type DR

The range of Liebherr mixing plants includes vertical and horizontal configurations, as well as mobile systems.

Numerous variants and mixer systems guarantee the application of transport concrete, just as well as prefabricated units and concrete goods factories.

Also special solutions can be accomplished according to customers request.

  • Stationary Batching Plants, type Betomix
  • Mobile Plant, type Mobilemix
  • Mobile Plant, type Compactmix
  • Mobile Plant, type Easymix
  • Recycling Plants, 3 types available: LRS, LRT, and LWA

For the earthmoving machinery sector Liebherr produces an extensive range of hydraulic excavators, hydraulic rope excavators, crawler tractors and loaders, wheel loaders and dumper trucks. The high quality requirements with which Liebherr products have to comply are ensured by in-house production of major sub-assemblies in a large part of the programme. For example, Liebherr itself develops and manufactures the entire driveline and control technology including the diesel engine, hydraulic system and transmission product groups. Liebherr offers efficient worldwide service at any operating site to ensure the availability of its earthmoving machinery. A closely spaced international network ensures qualified customer service and the supply of original spare parts around the clock.

  • Wheel loaders
  • Wheeled excavators, type A209 Litronic to A924 C Plus Litronic
  • Crawler excavators, type R313 Litronic to R974 C Litronic