Millions of Kilometres Bear Our Signature

You build the finest roads so we can all move forward faster. And to ensure that you can progress faster, we build the best machines. As a member of the leading international FAYAT group, we supply machines for all areas of road construction – from soil compactors to cold planers and recyclers, from asphalt rollers to road pavers. For over 60 years, the history of our company has been synonymous with the history of road construction.

With our accumulated know-how, we are an innovation driver that sets the pace for an entire industry. BOMAG has developed a huge number of technologies, from systems for measuring and controlling compaction, such as ECONOMIZER and ASPHALT MANAGER, to technologies for reducing operating costs, such as ECOMODE and the most effective screed heating in the market: MAGMALIFE. We offer solutions for a wide range of applications.

Our global network of experts and partners in over 120 countries is there to support you, from the configuration of the machines to providing solutions for the most challenging of tasks.

We owe our innovative strength to our more than 2,000 employees worldwide, their commitment and their unique wealth of experience. A source of know-how which has propelled us to worldwide market leadership in this sector. The reason for this is our unconditional commitment to quality: in product development and production, in the qualification of our employees, and in a service that guarantees optimal on-site support.


Earthwork and asphalt construction. Pipeline, trench and sewer line construction, backfills, foundations and repair work on asphalt.


Compaction of asphalt wear courses, asphalt binder courses and asphalt surface layers as well as compaction of natural soils and materials stabilized with lime or cement. Due to their excellent kneading effect pneumatic tired rollers achieve an excellent sealing of the surface. The modern hydrostatic drive concept allows for an especially sensitive drive control of the roller in three speed levels.


For medium to heavy duty earthworks and subbase work. PD models for cohesive and high water content materials. Hi-Climb models for gradients, e.g. landfill construction. H-series models distinguish themselves through high gradeability and drives with more powerful torque capacities. They are designed especially for landfill and backfilling work.


The cold milling machine BM 2000/60 is designed for selective milling of lane and ground linings. Due to its size and efficiency, it is particularly suitable for repair work or complete removal of motorways and major federal roads. With a standard width of 2000 mm and a maximum milling depth of 320 mm, large areas can be quickly removed in one work stage.