To build and to maintain a since 1976 would not have been possible but for the talents of those who have proven to be leaders. Their risk-taking, pioneering vision, combined with meticulous planning and brave yet calculated decision-making, made it possible for AGECO to stay strong made it possible for AGECO to stay strong in the Kuwaiti market and its customers.

AGECO is led by its General Manager, Mr. Rinad AL-Mansoore, supported by the firm’s senior management team in the development of long-term strategy, the oversight of business operations, product and service development, and employee relations.

AGECO's Senior Management Team:
Mr. Rinad AL-Mansoore

General Manager

Mr. Ali Roz

Marketing & Sales Manager

Mr. Alfred Vaz

Spare Parts & Stores Manager

Mr. Ihab Darweesh

Service Manager

Mr. Shane Joaquim Vaz

HR & Development Manager

Mr. Ibrahim Barrak

Logistics & Store Officer